Thursday, November 5, 2009

Misty Edwards

Misty Edwards is a worship leader in the House of Prayer located in Kansas City a ministry launched and handled by Mike Bickle, former pastor of Metro Christian Fellowship for almost 10 years. She sings powerful prophetic songs that describes the beatings of the Creator's heart. She has a strong voice that creates life to every songs she wrote.

She expresses her hunger for reality and the deepest part of the Savior Jesus through her music that shows her deep intimacy with the Creator. She longs for the knowledge of the God to overflow on this generation. 'There's no other point for my existence but to touch the Transcendent.' Misty's statement.

Her worship team includes
Francisco Arteaga, Cassie Campbell,Adam Sniegowski, David Brymer, Isaac Meyer

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strings of The heart

There is a string that connects us to each other, connects us with all things and that is the sound created with melody, rhythm and harmony called music. There is a music deep within every creature that determines our individuality, If we only open our hearts and listen we will hear the melody of our soul communicating with all things that surrounds us.

Music is a string that connects us to the One who created the universe and every thing that is all around us. We communicate with Him through the sounds created deep within our hearts. He responds to the deep longing and the sound of desperation deep our very being, He will make a sound that will quench all our thirst and mourning.

This generation has a different view of what music is. We are fooled and our foolish attempt leads us to distorting even the own voice deep within our soul. God will come and redeem the music that has been captured by the enemy, It is His and He will take the ownership of His creation. His beautiful creation.